About the Course


Put "Lessons in Leadership" into Your Classroom or Your Home


6 Impactful Video Lessons & Activity-Based Lesson Plans

Designed for flexible delivery in the classroom as educator facilitated lessons or as a student self-directed program individually, in small student groups or at home.

Flexible  ~  Classroom Use  ~  Home Use  ~  Self-Directed  ~  or  Guided Lessons

How It Works


Video Lessons

6 Engaging self-paced video lessons (8-20 minutes each) take students through character building leadership lessons. Our proven "Watch - Discuss - Engage" format allows students to be fully emerged in the power of guided learning. With over 3,000,000 students and counting, "Lessons in Leadership" is building future leaders - today.


Interactive Lecture

Through guided self-directed discussion students will apply problem-based learning. This inquiry mode of learning is a powerful catalyst for knowledge acquisition and plays a critical role in shaping students into leaders. Our customized pre and post surveys will help to measure active learning while the lesson plans outline key objectives and discussion points.


Activity Based Learning

Activity-based learning as part of guided learning promotes and nurtures character development which is a a key factor in helping students learn to be leaders. Promoting critical thinking skills, each of our 6 lessons plans are filled with fun and educational activities that help students explore what it means to be a leader and promote continuous learning long after the lessons are completed.


Activity Based Learning

The lessons are flexible! Use the Student Activity Sheets for either classroom facilitated delivery, student or small group self-directed study or for at home use.

  • The lessons provide an opportunity for students to unlock the potential of living with gratitude.  We would like to say thank you for this experience as it had such a positive impact!
    Jennifer Gillis, Principal - Southside Middle School
  • Ed Gerety's, Lessons in Leadership, provides teachers with easy to use multimedia lessons that engage students.  Teaching positive leadership traits has never been easier! 
    Ravo Root, Ed.D. Superintendent of Fillmore Central School District
  • Energizing – Impactful – Heartwarming.  Three words that describe Ed Gerety and the message he delivers to student audiences.  Ed has worked with our regional middle level student leaders for over a decade and the impact of Ed’s workshop is remarkable.  Our students learn the most important aspects of being a leader – compassion – gratitude – positivity – and kindness.    
    Mary Ellen O'Connell: Wellsville Secondary 6-12 School Principal
  • As a 25 year, veteran educator and character education teacher, I am always looking for powerful and inspiring material to help coach our students to be the best versions of themselves they can be. I am hungry for topics and content that has depth to it, is creative, engaging, and will leave a lasting impression long after the conversation is complete. Ed's Lessons in Leadership program is a dream come true! Being able to bring Ed virtually to my classroom and impart his wisdom, humor, and insight to my students is absolutely priceless! In a time when so much in education is centered around test scores and numbers we cannot forget these pivotal life lessons in human beingness. This program is a MUST HAVE! Thank you, Ed!
    Coleen Thurber, Character Education Teacher: Cherry Creek School District