1Are the videos on line or are they available on DVD as well?
The videos are available online only as this enables us to keep content current.
2Does my subscription automatically renew?
No. We will not automatically renew your subscription. Your subscription will automatically terminate after 365 days from the date of purchase.
3How long is my subscription good for?
The subscription is good for 365 days. After 365 days, the subscription will terminate.
4Does a subscription track each student?
No, the course does not track each student. However there are optional pre and post-surveys and a Certificate of Completion that can be utilized for each student.
5Do you offer special pricing at the District level?
Yes. Please contact us at YouthLeadershipLessons@gmail.com or at 800-957-2320 for pricing.
6When I log back in I get a screen with color bars?
This page allows you to customize your profile. You can add a color scheme, a bio, profile picture and other options. These are all optional. To navigate back to the course, simply click "Lessons in Leadership" by the image of the house on the upper left hand side of your page.
7How do I download the fillable Pre and Post surveys and the Certificate of Completion?
1) Open the link 2) From your computer toolbar, select "Export as PDF" 3) Save the PDF 4) Once you open the PDF, the form is fillable.
8Who is the course designed for?
The course has been specifically designed for middle school students (Grades 5-8), middle school educators and anyone who impacts middle school students in an educational environment such as youth leadership programs and camps, homeschool programs and civic organizations who have a passion for building tomorrow’s leaders today.
9What are the core lessons?
This powerful teaching resource encourages students to "stand up for their greatness" focusing these 6 core components of leadership: 1) Gratitude 2) Attitude 3) Goal Setting 4) Respect & responsibility 5) Kindness 6) Believe
10What type of learning does this course support?
Each one of the 6 video lessons contain a downloadable lesson plan complete with interactive classroom studies supporting: • Active & Peer Learning • Collaborative/Cooperative Learning • Inquiry & Problem Based Learning • Experiential Learning • Community-Based Learning • Reflective Learning
11I have a question. How do I contact you?
Email us at YouthLeadershipLessons@gmail.com or call us at 1-800-957-2320.