Why This Course & Why Now?

A message from Ed: Why "Lessons in Leadership" and Why Now?

Today's educators and our modern school system continues to be stressed by increasing regulations including standardized tests and curriculum mandates, making it challenging to find engaging and up-to-date leadership resources for our students. Finally there is an answer, a way to build tomorrow's leaders TODAY.

Introducing "LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP": A multi-media leadership, student self-directed program designed specifically for middle school students (grades 5-8).

Developed by Ed Gerety, author and one of the top professional youth speakers and leadership trainers in the United States, "Lessons in Leadership" has been impacting students for over 25 years, creating over 3,000,000 student leaders.

Why did we develop "Lessons in Leadership?"

Educators tell us they need more resources to help students develop the skills and principles to grow as leaders and succeed in life. Lessons in Leadership contains five core lessons including Gratitude, Attitude, Goals, Respect and Responsibility, Kindness and Belief.

Districts, schools and classrooms are challenged with students demonstrating lack of respect and lack of accountability. The skills taught in this course help students learn the value of respect and responsibility while giving educators a way to connect with their students beyond the textbook.

Students are hungry for hope and inspiration. They want to learn how to develop as leaders, to make good choices, and to set and achieve goals in a way that they can relate to. Lessons in Leadership contain custom, and adaptive lesson plans that are activity based, allowing educators to connect with the different learning styles of individual students.

Parents, educators and students alike are concerned about the prevalence of bullying and antagonistic behavior on and off the school grounds. Lessons in Leadership is more then a bullying program. It is about helping students gain the skill sets to become resilient and stand up for their greatness.

Why Lessons in Leadership Now?

Life is busy! In this fast paced, technology-driven world, leadership life skills are often overlooked. Some people may call them "soft skills'. They are not. They are "life skills". These life skills are essential to the success of our students and to the future of us all.

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